Coeur Atomique is a bassists duo formed by Monica Emond* and Jean-Yves Thériault** in 2014. Their music written for two basses and electronics is accompanied with film projections during live performances. Art, they say, is meant to act and to resist!

“Watch out weird monkeys! Yes, it’s you we’re talking to. You can change things around.”

Their first album called Landscape of Emergency I ~ was released on July 10, 2017 on vinyl and is now available in digital format (cd) through this website. This album is the first part of the Landscape of Emergency series of releases which address the impacts of the silencing machine of ignorance and indifference…

“This is real monkey music, stereo-demonic style” (unknown source).

Coeur Atomique is auto-produced. Fuck managers.
* Emond is a PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa studying nuclear energy in Western culture and thought.
** Thériault is both the co-founder of the metal group Voïvod and the modern dance company The Holy Body Tattoo.

Two basses? Ben qwê?